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Active Air Solutions

Bipolar Ionization


Air-Source and Water-Source Dedicated Outside Air Systems.


Indoor Grow Room Climate Control Systems, Reduced Refrigerant Requirements, Energy Efficient Economizer Cooling, GrowSentry Web Based Performance Monitoring.

Air Balance

Air Control Dampers, Louvers, Drop Box Diffusers

Alternate Energy Technologies LLC

Solar Domestic Hot Water, Solar Space Heating, Spar Pumps & Controls, Solar Tank Solutions, Solar Pool Connectors.


Grilles, Registers, Diffusers, VAVs, and Fan-Powered Boxes


Custom Steam Skids and Steam Accessories

Beacon Morris

Steam and Hot Water Cabinet Unit Heaters and Unit Heaters, Free-Standing Convectors, Wall Mount Convectors, Partially Recessed and Fully Recessed Convectors.


Commercial ERV & HRV Ventilation System Products


Comfort Heating Equipment

Burnham Commercial Boilers

High Efficiency Cast Iron Firetube Boilers for Hot Water, Atmospheric, Power Burner Fired, Low NOx, Low Pressure and High Pressure Steam Boilers, Blowdown Heat Recovery

Canarm HVAC

Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilators, High Volume Low Sound (HVLS) Fans, Bathroom Exhaust Fans, Louvers & Dampers

Captive Aire

Manufacturer of kitchen ventilation systems and HVAC equipment. 


Packaged Central Plants


BACnet Based Open Protocol Building Automation & Controls

Climate Master

Water-Source Heat Pumps for Ground-Coupled and Boiler/Tower Applications, Heat Pump Dedicated Outside Air Units up to 40 ton, Energy Recovery Ventilators

Colmac Waterheat

Air-source heat pump water heaters, 140F at 10F ambient air. Water-source heat pump water heaters, source water can be condenser water, geothermal, chilled water return.

Combustion Research Corporation

Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters

Commercial Acoustics

Sound Attenuation and Industrial Silences for Noise Control

Cultiva Systems

Indoor Agricultural Climate Control Solutions

DX Air

Pool Room Dehumidification Systems

Easy Water

Chemical Free Hot, Chilled and Glycol Water Loop Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis Systems for Cooling Tower Make-Up, Cooling Tower Side Stream Filtration and Bacterial Management


Emissions Analysis, Pressure Measurement, Infrared Temperature Measurement, Gas Detection, Humidity + Interior Climate Management

Econ Air

Kitchen Make-Up Air Units, Kitchen Exhaust Hoods, Grease Filtration and Fire/Cleaning Controls, Pollution Control Units.


Water Soluble Soldering Paste. High Melting Threshold. Use with Leaded and Unleaded Solder. Cleans As It Solders.

Flexcon Industries

Potable Expansion Tanks, Hydronic Expansion Tanks, Well Tanks

FTF Group

Passive and Active Chilled Beams, Multi-Service Chilled Beams, Chilled Ceilings, Multi-Service Radiant Panels, Radiant Heating Panels

Fuji Electric

Variable Frequency Drives


Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Chillers

Global Flex

Seismic V and U Connectors, Pump Connectors, Rubber and Metal Expansion Joints.

Hays Fluid Control

Gold Standard Representative. Coil Piping Packages, Heat Pump Hose Kits, Industrys Only Back-Flushable Automatic Flow Limiting Valve, Individual Piping Kit Components, Stainless Steel Flex Hoses


Hose kits, Pipe packages, pressure independent control valve kits, and flushing bypass kits

Hydroflo Pumps

Vertical Turbine, Mixed Flow, and Axial Flow Pumps for the Commercial HVAC Industry

Hydrolevel Company

Low Water Cut-Offs, Water Feeders, Liquid Level Controls, Flow Switches


High Efficiency Condensing Boilers, Indirect Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters, Air Handlers

Insul-Pipe Systems

Pre-Insulated Pipe and Pipe Fittings for Chilled Water, Hot Water, and Steam Systems. Above Ground, Underfloor and Underground Applications.

Island Air

PTACs & VTACs with Outside Air Capability


Building Automation & Control, Hydronic Control, HVAC Control


Air-Source and Water-Source Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems, Low Ambient Operation to -22F, Ductless Mini-Split and Multi-Split Heat Pump Systems, Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTAC Heat Pumps)


Clear tube condensate neutralizers, neutralizing condensate pumps, tray/tank style neutralizers, solar/hydronic glycol feeder


Advanced Process Cooling


Condensing and Non-Condensing Boilers and Hot Water Heaters, Vertical Storage Condensing Water Heaters, Indirect and Direct-Fired Water Heaters, Hot Water Storage Tanks, NURO Controls

Peak Plus

Evaporative Precooling


Semi-Custom Air Handling Units

Preferred Instruments

Microprocessor-Based Boiler Controls, Complete Fuel Oil Solutions, Power Burners with Linkageless Controls Offerings


Quicker, Cleaner, Better Zone Valve Control Boards

Rae Coils

Replacement HVAC Coils - Booster, Hydronic Heating/Cooling, Steam, Industrial, Insulated Cased, and Condenser

Rapid Engineering

Direct Fired Air Handlers and Batch Ovens


Fiberglass Cooling Towers and Closed-Circuit Fluid Coolers

Rite Boilers

High Efficiency Steel Watertube Boilers for Hot Water - Atmospheric, Power Burner Fired, Durafin, Indoor/Outdoor. Low Pressure and High Pressure Steam Boilers, Condensate Return Systems, Blowdown Tanks


Special Gas Venting, Sequence Draft Control, Generator Exhaust Systems, Grease Duct, Specialized Oval Grease Duct, Engineered Stacks

See Water Inc

Custom Pump Control Panels

Sterling Baseboard

Residential Baseboard

Taco Comfort Solutions

DOE Compliant Hydronic Pumps and Circulators, Pump Accessories, Expansion Tanks, Air & Dirt Separation, Hydraulic Separators, Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Buffer Tanks


Clean Steam Generators, Deaerators, Heat Exchangers, Vaccuflo Steam to Hot Water, Steam Specialties

Twin City Fans

HVAC Fans, Centrifugal, Utility Set, Mixed Flow, In-Line Centrifugal, Plug, Plenum, Centrifugal Roof & Wall Exhausters, Kitchen Exhaust, Filtered Centrifugal, Gravity Relief Ventilators, Laboratory & Fume Exhaust

Twin City Hose

Stainless Steel Flexible Pump Connectors, Rubber Expansion Joints, Metal Expansion Joints, Expansion Compensators, Seismically Rated U and V Connectors, Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses

U.S. Boiler Company

High Efficiency Boilers, Cast Iron Boilers, Indirect Water Heaters, Cast Iron Radiation

Ultra Violet Devices Inc

Ultra-Violet Coil Cleaning Systems, Activated Carbon Filters, V-Bank Filters, Indoor Air Quality


Custom Tailored Air Handling Units, Direct Evaporative Cooling, Custom Packaged DX, Energy Recovery - Wheel, Plate, or Run-Around Loop, Modular Construction

VAF Filtration Systems

Automatic Self-Cleaning Screen Filters for Commercial HVAC Systems, Cooling Tower Side Stream and Basin Sweeper Skids, High Agitation Basin Sweeper Nozzles


Hybrid tankless with tank, Tankless Water Heaters, Combination Boilers, Boilers


High Efficiency Microsand Filtration for Commercial HVAC Systems and Cooling Towers


Modular Air Handling Units, ERV, 3-week Quick Ship Available


Direct & Indirect Fired Air Handlers

Williams Comfort Products

Integrated Piping System Fan Coils for Heating and Cooling with Domestic Hot and Cold Water, Hydronic Four-Pipe and Two-Pipe Fan Coils, Hydronic In-Wall Heating Convectors

Zoo Fans

Parking Garage Ventilation & Smart Controls


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